Manage Helium Wallet, Hotspot, Sync & Backup Easily with App Android & Ios

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After the meteoric growth that Helium Network is having, the time has come to improve the experience and use of the App. Created open source, it is open to be able to develop even more or simpler functionalities for the entire community.

The Future of Hotspot Apps and Wallets in the Helium Ecosystem

The meteoric growth of the Helium Network has been incredible, made possible by our Hotspot Makers and everyone in the Helium community. As we pass half a million and approach 1 million Hotspots and beyond, it’s time for the team to revisit the purpose and functionality of our mobile apps, namely the Helium App.

The open-source Helium App made by the core team has enabled the community to add Hotspots to the Network and manage and use HNT. The team allowed HIP-19 manufacturers to add the ability to do basic onboarding and diagnostic features but manufacturers have been limited to this base set of capabilities.

Over the past few months, the core team has been working with DeWi and Makers to develop the tools needed to create their own mobile and web apps. Through this work, we’ve released Software Development Kits (SDKs) that act as building blocks for Makers to build their own apps and an entire Maker Starter app that is open sourced and can be cloned to work out of the box; all using the same security that our users expect from the Helium App. Each Maker app will have the ability to onboard and manage the Maker’s Hotspots, with enhanced diagnostic features that were previously unavailable in the Helium App.

What This Means

  1. Helium will release a brand new app, called the Helium Wallet to manage your HNT and identity on the Helium Network. We’re very excited to make this available to everyone. Read below for more details on the Beta launch date and features. All users will be encouraged to use the Helium Wallet app.
  2. The Original Helium App will reduce its scope to manage Helium Hotspots only. Wallet functionality will be disabled over time. This app will be rebranded to the Helium Hotspot app to manage Original Helium Hotspots.

These are very exciting changes and we’ve prepared an FAQ available below to answer common questions. But first..

Helium Wallet App

All Maker apps will be able to deeplink to the Helium Wallet app to sign transactions, including adding a Hotspot, updating location, antenna, and elevation, and transferring a Hotspot. This means users only have to enter their seed phrase in one place and not individually, in each Maker app.

Remember, your seed phrase is the private key to your entire wallet, including HNT, Hotspots, and Validators, and should be kept safe.

Multi-account Access

24 Word Seed Phrase

Testnet Access

Multipayment Features

Address Book Support

And more features coming.. Nano X support anyone?

Under the Hood

Onboarding Server

By open sourcing the Onboarding Server, Makers are in full control of how they maintain this database, who has access to it, and how they can troubleshoot onboarding issues.

Diagnostic Reports and Tools

By providing Makers full control, each can differentiate their ability to resolve issues, perform fast-sync, clear SD cards, and even provide networking tools to avoid that dreaded “relayed” peer-to-peer status.

Improved Onboarding

By giving Makers complete control, they’re able to create a non-Bluetooth experience all within their app.

Hotspot Placement, Earnings, and Insights

Makers and other partners like Hotspotty have got this on lock. Everyone should check out community apps in the ecosystem.


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