About 8 months ago, Streamr helped DIMO get started with a grant. The goal was to prove the possibility of creating a Data Union around vehicle data by sending data from a telematics device connected to a vehicle to a smart contract data union. After accomplishing that, DIMO charged ahead towards building the largest user-owned IoT network and has continued to work with Streamr to incorporate Streamr into the DIMO stack. Streamr is a peer-to-peer network for publishing and subscribing to data in real-time.

DIMO’s Andy & Yev discuss building with Streamr

In the months since, DIMO has launched a webapp, had tens of thousands of users sign up and add their vehicles, and has started to lay the foundation for an upgrade to data infrastructure in the connected vehicle world.

But that growth did not fully include a huge market for us: drivers and crypto enthusiasts in Europe. We’re excited to announce that we’re finally opening our doors fully to European users.

Announcing this with Streamr, a team predominantly in Europe, feels like a chance to circle back to where it all began as well as taking time to look ahead to the future. Even better, the launch of the DIMO Mobile App is not far behind!

Anyone who signs up, adds their car, and either connects it via software or orders the hardware will be proactively joining the DIMO Data Union. Data Unions are a privacy-focused way for individuals to bundle their data together into a product for trade, and receive a share of tokens when someone pays to access it. Part of our mission is to enable users to own, use, and monetize their vehicle data, and this is the first step users can take.

As with any project like DIMO, it’s better with more participants. We’re going to roll out a new referral process in the coming weeks that is mobile native, but you can get and use your personal referral link in the DIMO webapp.

Below are some FAQs for European users:

What countries are eligible?

Users in the EU, UK, Norway, and Switzerland can connect their car in the app via software if its eligible and order hardware on the DIMO Store.

Users in Europe outside of those countries will unfortunately have to wait a little bit longer as we work to get our operations ready for additional markets.

Where do I buy the hardware?

You can buy the hardware at Shop. DIMO.Zone. Make sure you are ordering the EU/UK version of the hardware.

When will the hardware ship?

We hope to begin shipping devices as early as May, but shipping will likely take place for Europe in July.

How do I know if my car is eligible for software or hardware?

The best way is to go ahead and add your car in the app. Once added, we will tell you your connectivity options.

I don’t see my car…

First, you should know that the “trim” of your car usually does not matter when selecting your vehicle in DIMO. If you have an “Alfa Romeo Giulia Veloce,” you can simply select “Alfa Romeo Giulia.”

We have been hard at work trying to find every European car model and add it to our database, but we’ll probably miss some. If you don’t see your car, you can email support@dimo.zone.

Will I start earning tokens?

DIMO tokens are not yet live, but we are starting to calculate earnings behind the scenes. We are doing this with a points system that starts when you have either connected your car via software or bought a DIMO Data Miner.