We built the Marketplace dApp as an interesting use case for the Streamr Network, unlocking data monetisation by allowing users to put a price tag onto the streams they’re publishing.

However, there hasn’t been much activity on the Marketplace for a long while, partly due to the very high transaction fees persisting on the Ethereum mainnet. With the Brubeck milestone launch of the Streamr Network, as well as recent updates of the Data Union framework, the Marketplace has also fallen behind in terms of supporting the cutting edge developments on those related platforms.

In the governance proposal SIP-8, the DATA token holders decided to embark on a journey to make the Marketplace multi-chain. Therefore, in the coming months we’ll be releasing an updated Marketplace that works seamlessly across multiple sidechains, work great with the new Brubeck milestone Streamr Network, and support the newest Data Unions features.

The first target chains for the updated Marketplace will be Polygon and Gnosis Chain (was: xDai).

The main new features will be:

  • Product owners can decide which chain they want to offer a product on.
  • The Marketplace will support Data Unions with custom payment tokens (e.g. SWASH).
  • Thanks to the multi-chain support, transaction costs for product buyers will be a tiny fraction of what they used to be on the previous Marketplace and Ethereum mainnet.

In the meanwhile, the previous Corea milestone Marketplace will continue to work with existing products and streams on the Corea network until its end of life, currently scheduled for the end of May 2022.