Helium 2022 use cases, the hotspots network is growing and ready to IoT & 5G

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Helium’s network is expanding every day and has more hotspots available for use. Here you can learn about some use cases and implementations that demonstrate how having an HNT miner is a great idea for the future.

Build It And They Will Come

Even with the early traction deploying coverage, we continue to hear skepticism from critics, “Yeah, you have a network, but who even uses it?” This is a great reminder that we not only are building a useful decentralized network, but we also have to find better ways to tell the world that usage is starting and growing.

A dense, global IoT network with permissionless access and low cost has never existed. The future applications of The Jetsons could not be built. Today, things are different, and we are starting to see what is possible. The truly exciting applications will come from companies we have never heard of.

Want your cold brew coffee refilled automatically? has you covered. Want a drone to deliver a burrito to your mailbox? , at your service. A car that rewards you for sharing vehicle data on your daily commute? is on it. A package with holiday gifts that is tracked at every point in its journey? Talk to .

How about an office that protects employees from COVID risks with air quality monitors? Thank you, . As more applications appear on the Network, useful data can be leveraged to improve systems, such as smart cities and smart buildings. is tackling that problem today with its data platform.

These are just a handful of the many use cases actively sending data on the Network, and this year, we’ve even seen entire cities join the ecosystem for the benefit of their communities. For example, , the heart of Silicon Valley, has demonstrated how it can create a more connected city while also leveraging our incentive model to pay internet costs for over 1,300 low-income residents who lack access. It’s an incredibly impactful program, and we hope other cities follow in their footsteps. City Mayors — my DMs are open.

We also introduced Helium Network this year. When other networks don’t have coverage, they can offload their customers to the Helium Network. Roaming will be one of the biggest drivers on the Network for years to come and we recently announced partnerships with some of the most extensive commercial-grade LoRaWAN networks out there, such as and . These roaming partners have brought some of our this year:

You know now who uses the Helium Network, if you’ve read this far.

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